Collection: Rosemary Run Series

In the charming Northern California town of Rosemary Run, there's trouble brewing below the picture-perfect surface.

Don't let the manicured lawns and stylish place settings fool you. Nothing is exactly as it seems. Secrets and lies threaten to upend the status quo and destroy lives when— not if— they're revealed.

With surprising twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end, each Rosemary Run novel features a different woman's nail-biting story.

Books can be read in any order.

Book 1 - Her Deepest Fear

Book 2 - Her Hidden Past

Book 3 - Her Boldest Lie

Book 4 - Her Darkest Hour

Book 5 - Her Buried Secret

Book 6 - Her Worst Mistake

Book 7 - Her Broken Trust

Rosemary Run Series