About Kelly

Kelly Utt writes emotional, pulse-pounding suspense, family saga, and women’s fiction novels. She is dedicated to telling the kinds of meaningful and exciting stories she loves to read and watch. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a Master of Science degree in Interactive Media and Communications from Quinnipiac University. She also writes with her son as the combined pen name Christopher Kelly.

As a kid, Kelly grew up with a dad who would read a book, ask her to read it, too, and then insist they discuss it together. Although her father passed away when she was a teenager, her passion for life’s big questions lives on. That passion is often reflected in Kelly's novels, giving them a depth which leaves readers wanting more and thinking about her stories long after the last lines are read.

In her free time, Kelly enjoys travel, good books, and good food, as well as a variety of media including movies, TV, music, and social media. Kelly is also founder of a Nashville-area social group called Nashville Indie Authors for independent authors who are serious about earning a living from their craft. She is a member of the Authors Guild and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Sam and their two sons.

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